Cases of success

See some cases and testimonies of companies that revolutionized with Audaces


“The Audaces Apparel facilitates and speed up the process with great results. Excellent tool, I recommend it!”

Frama Confecções

“We began our work with a competition software. Achieving no success, we ended up acquiring another system to add up to the one we already had. We reached quality, agility and efficiency in production. The Audaces system, besides adding value to the product, relies on an outstanding customer service”


“We are very satisfied with the Audaces Neocut.It speeds up the process providing a quality cut. Generates a significant reduction of costs. Differentiated customer service and 100% nacional technical support.“

Reserva Natural

“We always zeal by the quality of our pieces. For this reason we decided to purchase the Audaces cutting machine. With it we gained speed, precision, economy and, mainly, high quality on the cutting process, besides having a differentiated customer service and national technical support.”

Território Nacional

"The Audaces Idea, Audaces Apparel, Audaces Digiflash and Audaces Jet Lux systems have helped revolutionize a number of processes at Território Nacional."


“The Audaces Apparel system is efficient and speeds up the process in a significant way. We won’t trade it for anything.”

Arremate Confecções

“With Audaces Apparel we drastically reduced time. The process that took two days to be done, with the system, can take only two hours. It has a great fabric usage, besides being practical and easy to use. Very good!”


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