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Be Creative Contest: Audaces Creative package users get 30 more days of free access

Trial extension for expired subscriptions guarantees free and accessible participation

Users who had access to the Audaces Creative software package trial for 60 days for free will be able to extend the creative and innovative experience for another 30 days, without paying anything. This is a facility promoted by Audaces for those who want to participate in the Audaces Be Creative contest, which will reward the best digital designs developed in the 4D software.

Those interested in participating in the contest, who have expired their free 60-day subscriptions, can request the extension of the gratuity for another 30 days by sending an email to, identifying themselves as registered in the Audaces contest Be Creative. After the request, the user must wait for the release in response to the email.

The free 30-day free access guarantee ensures participation in the contest is completely free and accessible to everyone, according to the regulations. Users of the Audaces 360 package, which also contains the 4D software, can also participate in the contest.

About the Audaces Be Creative contest

On July 20, Audaces launched the Audaces Be Creative contest, which will award the three best digital fashion designs developed in the 4D software. The awards are a way of encouraging to value creativity and innovation, from the novice user in digital design to those who already have a little more practice. Check out:

  • 1st place: US $ 1,000 (thousand dollars) + 1 year of free access to the Audaces 360 package
  • 2nd place: US $ 500 (five hundred dollars + 1 year of free access to the Audaces 360 package
  • 3rd place: 1 year of free access to the 360 ​​package

Registration is until August 9th and must be done through the official contest page, following the entire step by step and the rules of the regulation.

For more information, access the Audaces Be Creative FAQ or contact

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